Magic Mike Live

Magic Mike Live is the Sizzling-Hot (and Surprisingly Empowering!) Show Women Deserve
By Kirbie Johnson – Pop Sugar

I am not shy or modest by any means, so the idea of my four friends and myself attending Magic Mike Live at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas didn’t scare me. I say “scare” because some women walk into male revues utterly terrified. Will some dude with giant muscles remove me from my seat and grind on me until the cows come home? (For some, this is a dream. I see you.) But revues are supposed to cater to women, right?

They’re meant to get us excited, not traumatize us. And although I did huddle my body behind a bar table so as to block any touching or escorting — hey, I do have a partner and wanted to respect him — I quickly realized this show was not just a bunch of hot guys getting seminude. In fact, it was a delightful feminist experience. Yes, really. Here’s why Magic Mike Live is one of the best shows in Vegas, but be warned: some spoilers ahead.

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