A Guide to Wedding Jewelry – Honoring Tradition with a Personalized Twist

By Jessica Ross, Hearts on Fire

He popped the question. You said “yes”. Now it’s time to get matching gold bands and…WAIT! STOP! Stop right there! That’s the OLD way of doing things and guess what? You don’t have to do what everybody else has done over and over again. It’s time to add a personal twist to your wedding jewelry purchase and have FUN doing it!

Here’s what you should know about taking a tradition and putting a twist on it to make it a part of your own unique love story:

Picking Out Your Wedding Bands:

Tradition: Partners get matching gold bands. Twins for life!

Twist: Get what you LOVE! It’s okay to be creative and different. Remember, this is about you two and it’s extremely personal! If he wants a plain, platinum band, that’s okay! You can still go with the blinged out diamond band you’ve always wanted!

Try on as many wedding bands as you can. See how they “go” with your engagement ring and decide which one complements you and your personality. Have fun mixing and matching different metal types, styles and widths. You can go with the chic bezel set diamond band that nods to your love of art deco.

Or go with the one that has beautiful wavy edges because it reminds you of the day he proposed on your beach vacation. Your wedding bands should tell a story. Your story!

Engraving Your Wedding Bands:

Tradition:You’ve seen it before. The initials. The wedding date. Very Informative, right?

Twist:Try something a little bit more personal. Do you have a favorite line from a poem? An inside joke? Your favorite thing about your partner? Go with that! You can always add your wedding date at the end of the quote if it’s important to you.

As an added twist, both you and your partner should write a private note to your jeweler and ask them to keep it a secret! You will write a note with what you want engraved on your partner’s ring and your partner will do the same for you. You won’t know what the other person had engraved on your ring until your wedding day when you surprise each other!

Choosing Your Wedding Day Jewelry:

Tradition: Wear something borrowed, whether it’s your style or not.

Twist: Okay, who really wants to wear something that’s out dated or doesn’t match your style? Grab your mom, your best friend and your favorite aunt and head straight to your jeweler for a girls’ night out. Sip some sweet champagne while you and your crew pick out your brand-new wedding set. The jewelry that you’ll be picking out is going to be what you’ll be wearing when you walk down the aisle. It may also be what you’ll be wearing on your first wedding anniversary, your next birthday or when you’re out celebrating your next big success. This new jewelry is going to be YOUR NEW TRADITION. Each piece you wear will spark a memory. You’ll remember each time you wore that new diamond pendant and the awesome, confident feeling you had!

So, go for it! Be bold and put a twist on old traditions and start creating exciting new memories! And remember, a good jeweler will help you find a beautiful piece of jewelry. A GREAT jeweler will help you write the story of your life!

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