Miss Mafia

Fashion Designer, Manufacturer, Entrepreneur, Fashion Retail Miss Mafia Boss
Miss Mafia Bio
Miss Mafia has stunning curves with captivating eyes that one can’t stop staring into and long shiny hair. She walks into a room and her beauty makes the room stop and stare. Her smile makes a dark room light up like the forth of July night sky. She is a diamond amongst rocks, not only unbelievably beautiful on the outside but also on the inside.

Miss Mafia is a career assassin. She goes after what she wants and succeeds. She is the devil in red with a wicked smile as she succeeds; thinking about all those that said she couldn’t do it. She is super intelligent, insightful and inspirational.

Miss Mafia can’t live without her career, her eye liner, her eye lashes and her skyscraper high heels. With these 4 essentials she can conquer the world.

When you find a Miss Mafia never let her go, love her to the end, ride the roller coast life she lives and hold on tight. There will never be a dull moment in the life of Miss Mafia.

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