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Leah Goldstrand is your personal wedding Las Vegas Wedding Concierge. Leah is a licensed officiant and wedding planner who will […]

Nevada Magazine

In January 1936, Nevada Highways and Parks — known today as Nevada Magazine — was introduced by the state highway department. Always an information source for Nevada residents and tourists, what started as a digest-sized bulletin has grown into a colorful magazine.

For 80 years, Nevada Magazine has been telling the Silver State’s story — in Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, and beyond. In print and online, we highlight urban and rural travel, dining, people, history, gaming, events, shows, and more. On our website, you’ll find content from our bimonthly publication as well as online-only material, such as “Web Extras” and online bonuses.

Custom Las Vegas Weddings

About Julie and Las Vegas Weddings
A Note from Julie: I started performing wedding services as a Las Vegas wedding Minister in 1996. I worked many years primarily as a Las Vegas wedding officiant and minister only. Recently, after working many years with other wedding chapels and wedding companies in Las Vegas, I branched out to serve also as a wedding planner for couples who wanted to get married in Las Vegas. I continue to be a mobile Minister in Las Vegas.

Clark County Clerk’s Office

Lynn Marie Goya was elected to the office of Clark Coun​ty Clerk and has been in office since January 2015. When she uncovered the 37 percent decrease in wedding tourism over the past decade, she immediately reached out to the wedding industry, the LVCVA, the State Tourism Board and the State Legislature. Her bill to promote wedding tourism unanimously passed out of the State Senate and is now in the Assembly.

Trenchant Insurance Inc

We are an independent insurance agency and part of our product portfolio is wedding insurance. We broker through Travelers Insurance […]

Spectacular Bride of Las Vegas

Spectacular Bride and Bridal Spectacular have been helping engaged couples plan their Las Vegas weddings for over 28 years! Whether […]

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