December 7, 2020




The LVWCC COVID Relief Grant has been closed. The Membership Dues grant will remain open until all available grants have been awarded.

*The Las Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce will be awarding as many as 50 grants to include a maximum of 8 grants of up to $2,000 (COVID-Relief Grant) and a maximum of 42 one year dues grants (One-Year Membership Grant). To qualify, you must have been a member of the LVWCC in good standing as of Monday December 7, 2020, have not won any previous grants from the LVWCC in 2020 and complete the grant application. The grant application is limited to the first 50 entries and will be closed on December 10, 2020 if fewer than 50 entries have been collected. Grant winners will be determined by a lottery system. The first 8 names who applied for the COVID Relief Grant who are pulled by the lottery will be awarded up to $2,000. All remaining entries who have applied for both grants will be awarded the One-Year Membership Grant. All qualifying entries for the One-Year Membership Grant, within the first 50 entries will be awarded the grant. Being awarded the COVID-Relief Grant will disqualify you from participating in the One-Year Membership Grant. Grant awards are dependent on the PETS Grant fund distribution.