Color Me Smart with Vickie Musni

How often do you notice that you just “click” with some clients right away, and not so much with others? Would you like to learn some techniques to understand and connect better with clients AND other event pros? Learn what Vickie Musni calls seeing your business in color. Vickie is an international speaker, author, and a 24 year veteran in the wedding industry who holds the title of Certified Personality Trainer. For the last decade, she has been helping other event professionals to understand themselves and their clients better so they can serve better, and earn more.

In this webinar, she will be presenting an overview of the four personality types along with 5 very practical tips for your business that you can start using immediately. In her latest book, Color Me SMART, she discusses how understanding personalities can impact your business in 5 key areas: Sales, Marketing, Abilities, Relationships, & Teams.