Vegas Wedding Chamber contributed over $20,000 in goods to this years Project 150 Prom Closet.

Vegas Wedding Chamber Donates Over $20,000 in Goods to Project 150 Prom Closet

By Ashley Borow

The Vegas Wedding Chamber, a non-profit organization that represents the Las Vegas wedding industry, recently announced a donation of over $20,000

in clothing and goods to Project 150 Prom Closet 2023. This donation will be used to provide formal attire and accessories to underprivileged high school students for their prom night.

Project 150 is a local charity that helps homeless, displaced, and underprivileged students in the Las Vegas area. The Prom Closet program offers students a boutique-style retail experience in which they can select from a variety of dresses, suits, shoes, and accessories to wear to their prom. The program not only allows students to feel beautiful
and confident on their special night, but it also helps to alleviate the financial burden that often comes with purchasing formal wear. The Vegas Wedding Chamber’s contribution to Project 150 is a testament to the organization’s commitment to giving back to the local community.

It also emphasizes the importance of supporting organizations that prioritize youth education and empowerment. The generous donation of formal wear and accessories will undoubtedly improve the lives of many students who would otherwise be unable to attend their prom due to financial constraints. Now that we’ve established what Prom Closet is and what it stands for, let’s get a little more personal. As a participant in the event, I can attest that this project was fantastic. I loved seeing how happy the students were while prom shopping. You can tell by the expressions and smiles on their faces when they were looking for the perfect dress or suit to make their prom night memorable.


Overall, the Vegas Wedding Chamber’s support for Project 150 Prom Closet 2023 demonstrates how businesses and organizations can work together to significantly improve the lives of those in need. The Vegas Wedding Chamber is deeply rooted in Las Vegas and our many spectacular, over-the-top events and we, collectively, are honored to extend this celebration to the youth in our city. Thank you to Project 150 for leading the charge in making the world a good place!