VGK Cheerleader Gets Married at WildHorse, Chance Crashes the Party

Las Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce member Hollie Cardinal Photography photographed a wedding at the WildHorse Golf Club for a beautiful bride. However, this one was unique.

The bride is a VGK (Vegas Golden Knights) Cheerleader! Although many guests were family and close friends, and of course VGK Staff. What struck Hollie as something quite amazing and as a show of genuine character and pure heart, the bride reserved several seats especially for her special needs friends who she couldn’t imagine entering her next journey in life without including.

This was so touching and special. The way the bride stopped her big day, made sure to give any attention that they gave her during any moment of the night, allowing them to dance, take over the mic and even photobomb a very special appearance by Chance, the VGK Mascot!

LVWCC members at the wedding included the wedding venue, Wildhorse Golf Club, the DJ, DJ Harry A., and the photographer, Hollie Cardinal Photography.

Bride: Brittany (Larsen) True
Groom: Tyler True

Brittany is part of a couple of nonprofit organizations here in Las Vegas and loves helping out those in need and those with disabilities. Her mother was a single mother after her dad passed away years ago and she had so many people (friends parents, family friends, etc) to help her/them out at times.  Brittany feels it’s the right thing to do by giving back.

Tyler works at Henderson Hospital. He’s a doctor of physical therapy, and also enjoys helping those in need.

The couple actually met at an event at his work, while Brittany was cheering. It was fate and very important to find a man who loves to give back the way she does. And here ther are today.. married!! 💓